For Teachers

At its core, Stay the Course exists to sustain and develop the powerful impact of hard-working educators. Stay the Course offers one-on-one Restorative Coaching(SM) for teachers who crave additional support in growing and sustaining their practice in the classroom. Outcomes are flexible based on the unique needs of each educator, and in alignment with their school. Some examples of topics we can address together:
  • Preventing burn-out through stress management
  • Culturally responsive practice + leadership
  • Navigating tricky relationships or challenges at school
  • Growing your values-based leadership
  • Exploring the identity markers that shape your impact
If you are interested in learning more about Restorative Coaching(SM) and how it might strengthen your practice, check out our list of services and submit a request for a free consultation! Stay the Course will not turn away any teacher seeking help regardless of ability to pay, and will work with you to determine a path forward that best fits your needs.