Stay the Course seeks to sustain and develop the powerful impact of hard-working educators, through one-on-one coaching and professional learning experiences for teachers and school leaders.

Among teachers who leave the profession, 55% cite “dissatisfaction” with their experience at school as the primary reason for their decision. 

Stay the Course seeks to complement existing support in high-need schools to improve teacher satisfaction and experience, especially among teachers of color. All of our students, and especially those from historically oppressed communities, deserve to see themselves reflected in the educators who lead classrooms and schools across the nation.

Restorative Coaching(SM) is unlike other existing efforts to address educator wellness and sustainability. It brings a more proactive approach to helping teachers navigate the stressors of our work, so that the work itself feels more sustainable over time. It is grounded in Carl Roger’s person-centered Core Conditions, which catalyze learning and growth:

  • Empathy – I understand you.
  • Congruence – I’ll keep it real with you. 
  • Unconditional positive regard – I care for you.

Students, families, and communities benefit when teachers and leaders have the opportunity to reflect, refocus, and reignite their efforts at school. 

Reach out to learn more about how Stay the Course can support you or your school in strengthening your individual and collective impact over time!